Grow with Grier and Rita (GROW)

If every aspect of your life becomes a process of growth, then you are in yoga

GROW (Grier and Rita On Wellness) is a yoga and wellness retreat company that has evolved from LoYa yoga studio. Grier Hynes and Rita Murti are co owners of GROW. They are long time practitioners of yoga (over 25 years each), meditation, healthy living and commitment to growth. They founded GROW in 2021 to more fully integrate all aspects of well being and wellness into your daily lifestyle.

GROW Practice

Private one on one classes or private group classes, corporate yoga and yoga in schools.

We offer personalized teaching, accessible yoga and meet you where you are in your practice.

  • Vinyasa, Power vinyasa and Hatha yoga
  • Functional movement and physical therapy based yoga
  • Restorative yoga
  • Meditation and Yoga Nidra
  • Kids yoga
  • Yoga for athletes

GROW Retreats

Unique wellness retreats hosted at boutique locations in the US and internationally.

We create mindful adventures and transformational experiences where we incorporate all the elements of well being into our retreats: Yoga, meditation, nourishing food, inspiration, journaling, rest, laughter, nature and making new friendships.

GROW Wellness

To support your wellness journey we want to share our ideas about self care, what we find inspiring and fun and how we are implementing growth.

Follow us on @grwellnessco and read our blog for: Products we love, Tips and techniques for yoga and meditation practice, Wellness retreats, Inspiring books, Rituals and habits, Recipes, Teachers to follow, Studios to visit, and All things yoga

My love and passion for yoga began in your studio and is something that will be with me forever.

-- LF