About GROW

Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical & mental outcomes so that instead of just surviving you are thriving.
Profile Rita

Rita Murti

Co-Founder GROW Wellness Company

My passion for teaching yoga through the lens of physical therapy began over two decades ago. After taking my first class in 1997, yoga and meditation became my daily healthy habit. My practice serves as a personal tool to empower self growth, build strength, connect to community and manage the flow of life with a sense of calm… even in childbirth! Sharing this practice as a tool for optimal health is my joy.

I have 30 years of experience as a physical therapist working in London and New York City hospitals with a specialty in neurology, orthopedics and spine health. Since 2006 I have completed several yoga and meditation certifications including Hatha, LYT Functional Movement with Lara Heimann, Nidra, and Ayurveda.

By integrating my knowledge of yoga philosophy, Ayurveda and skill of physical therapy, I guide my students to move effectively, breathe deeply and think clearly so they create a stronger connection to themselves and the world around them. My classes are therapeutic, inspiring and challenging but always include humor and ease. I truly believe mindful movement is medicine.

I walked into my first yoga class on a mother’s day at 8am I was 25 years old. From that day on I went to yoga as many days as I could, it soon became a real part of me, I felt part of a community. Yoga studios became where I would go when I traveled for work or moved to new cities. Obviously the yoga and asana, the flexibility and strength that I gained was rewarding, but the community was greater than it all. Fast forward 25 years and the element that keeps me who I am is community.

In 2012 I received my 200 hour teaching training certificate with Karen Conley at Amazing Yoga. Since then I continue to educate myself with trainings, workshops & lectures.

Yoga is a part of my life I will continue to cherish all that it has done for me and I will continue to bring as much of what I have learned and what I value to the community.

Grier Hynes

Grier Hynes

Co- Founder GROW Wellness Company

Our GROWth story

Grier and Rita LoyaWe were introduced in 2010 by our mutual friend, who knew we shared a deep passion for practicing and teaching yoga.

We started volunteering to teach weekly yoga classes at our kids kindergarten and quickly transitioned to opening our bright studio LoYa Yoga in our hometown of Summit, NJ.

LoYa was the first yoga studio in the area to offer yoga for kids, sports teams and low heated vinyasa for adults.

We continued to evolve and refine our teaching of yoga, breathwork and meditation and also had the opportunity to lead several successful wellness retreats which steered us to our next growth phase.

GROW was founded in 2021 to allow us to explore new possibilities of sharing the practice of yoga and creating unforgettable retreat experiences.

In our experience, people come to yoga in order to feel better and to take care of themselves. Our focus has always been on incorporating more than just the physical asana. Movement is only one small part of a yoga practice.

We have created a community that is open to learn new things and open to expand their vision of what it means to be healthy and what it means to “do yoga”.

What is health and wellness?

  • How you move and breathe
  • How and what you think
  • How and what you eat and drink
  • What you say
  • What you read and listen to
  • Who you spend time with
  • How well you sleep and rest

We want to incorporate all the above practices at GROW to bring balance to your life and to help you continue to GROW to your fullest potential.

Rita and Grier did an amazing job in planning this retreat. It was a perfect balance of fun, laughter, great food and amazing yoga.
-- DM